Quick Guide: What to Expect in an Emergency Management Salary Package

Sign under water. Emergency management salary packages can compensate for danger.

Are you a job seeker who is interested in a career in emergency management? The work varies between public and private industries and much will depend on the area in which you want to operate. In addition to understanding the specific role and objectives to be met, you will likely want to gain some insights as to what the average emergency management salary is around the US before you accept a position.

In the remainder of this quick guide to emergency management salary levels, we aggregate data from a number of job and career websites to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Average emergency management salary

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for emergency management professionals is $74,420. At entry level, the lowest 10 percent earned below $40,460 a year, and at the most senior levels, the highest 10 percent earned more than $141,130.

In addition to base salaries, professionals in this field can anticipate a range of other benefits. These come in the forms of bonuses, end-year send-offs, and other forms of incentives. It is not uncommon therefore to hit the six-figure levels even if the base level is below $100k.


When compared to other profession, emergency management professionals take home well above the average. In 2017, the average income for a US worker was $31,786, which is over $40,000 lower than the median emergency management salary of $74,420.

Industry breakdown

The state and federal governments are by far the largest employers of emergency management professionals. That said, in general, the private sector pays more than the public sector. Emergency management professionals who combine their skills with, say, scientific research, can move into certain private companies and expect to earn considerable more than they would doing the same for a state or federal employer.

Working for a hospital, for example, can net you a salary from $90,000 to $115,000 depending on experience and education.

Similarly, those who combine their emergency management experience with other in-demand skills, like waste clean-up, can command higher fees than the typical waste clean-up employee might.

Geographic breakdown

While emergency management jobs exist across the country, it stands to reason that areas with higher populations and greater exposure to disasters and emergency employ greater numbers of emergency management and response professionals.

In this regard, California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York employ high levels of emergency management workers. Salaries in these states range from a low of $53,590 annually in Pennsylvania to a high of $97,450 annually in California. The salaries also vary within the state.

Job outlook

Disasters are increasing both in terms of impact and frequency of occurrence. The need for emergency management professionals going forward is also expected to witness a surge. Many analysts predict that the year 2020 will see a 10-19% growth in the demand for such professionals. This represents around 3,900 more job openings, presenting lots of opportunities for newly-trained and experienced professionals.


The relatively high emergency management salary makes a career in emergency management lucrative and highly rewarding. Those in the sector for many years have opportunities to move up the ladder. In doing so, they can secure higher levels of compensation for their important work.

Given that these figures fluctuate with time, we ask that you refer to our site in the future for any updates to that end. Best of luck in your future career undertakings!